I'm Jim Ockers, and this is my personal web site.  I also maintain a professional web site at http://www.ockers.net/ which is where you'll find anything work- or business-related.  This site is more for whatever that's not work-related that I might want to share with the world.

I live in San Diego California and I love it here. The location, weather, scenery, and outdoor possibilites are fantastic.  I used to live in Grand Junction Colorado and I guess I could say the same thing about there.  The photos above are from Grand Junction.  I guess overall the weather IS nicer in California, although I'm not crazy about the "sun tax" Californians pay on electric power and air conditioning.

I've owned this domain name for almost two decades and in 2012 I finally put up a real web site.  Prior to that it had the same lame "home page."  I hope with my new site maybe something I said will make you think, or you might even find a recipe you want to try.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting.